Newton Bright Educational Consultants have successfully placed hundreds of children from around the world into the best boarding schools, day schools and universities in the UK.

We offer a high level of personal service and provide expertise to families who wish for their children to receive the best education. We understand that every child is unique, and our approach ensures that each child has the best start in life at the right school through to the right university.

Our expert consultants manage every step of a child’s education from their initial consultation, assessing their ability, through selecting schools or universities, tutoring and mentoring, to entrance procedures and examinations, and beyond entrance into school or university.

We work with children to enter leading UK schools at 7+, 11+, 13+ and 16+. We also support and manage applications to the world’s best universities.

Our services are unmatched by other education providers.

They are comprehensive and tailored to each student to ensure that they receive the necessary support in their educational journey.

Our unique assessment process allows us to gain a greater understanding of the ability, personality and needs of each child, so that we can be sure that each child receives the best education possible.

We have teams based across Europe ready to help your child reach their goals.

Educational Consultancy

The best education requires the guidance of an expert. Our Educational Consultants provide tailored plans for your child’s future, assisting both pre- and post-entrance to ensure that your child achieves their academic goals.


Our experienced tutors provide lessons in person and online. We offer tutors for subject-specific lessons, residential courses, English exam preparation (IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT) and during holiday periods.

Mentoring and Career Counselling

Our experienced mentors and career counsellors offer ongoing support to each child. They provide guidance, motivation and emotional support, and assist in deciding which career path a child should take based on their personality, ability and options available.


Our caring guardians offer a home from home during school holidays and provide constant support to children and their families. They ensure that parents are informed and that their dependents are content in their new environment.

UK Residential Placements

Our residential courses in the UK give students the chance to be truly immersed in British culture, receive the best tutoring, and be assessed both psychologically and academically for preparedness to enter a new educational environment.



We are experts in educational consultancy and British private education. Our success is measured by the happiness and achievements of our students.