Residential Courses In UK

“I strongly believe that international children should be given the opportunity to experience life in England with a family before coming here to study full-time.” Robin Badham-Thornhill

Homestay courses are designed to rapidly accelerate your child’s current level of English through total language immersion.

One of our selected British host families will welcome your child into their home as part of the family. Your child will study with a private tutor during the day, re-energise with recreational sessions in the afternoon, and participate in family life at mealtimes and in the evenings.

This course culminates in a professional assessment of the student’s academic ability and suitability for a private education in the UK.

Newton Bright students who wish to attend a UK boarding school will take part in this one-week assessment. The week will be timetabled with intensive private tutoring and interview practice during the day, sports coaching after lessons, family activities and mealtimes in the evening.

At the end of their stay, your child will undergo a thorough academic assessment and be formally interviewed by a former Headmaster, who will write a detailed report. The report will contain test results, recommendations for suitable schools, and advice on specific areas where your child might benefit from further preparation.

This course is specifically tailored to prepare students for entrance exams for leading British schools at the age of 11, 13 or 16.

Entrance exam candidates receive intensive private tuition with a strong focus on academic preparation in the crucial period before the exams. As well as scholarship and subject-specific tutoring, students are taught interview skills and exam techniques.

We devise a balanced timetable of lessons and activities to help students absorb the necessary material in the shortest possible time. After periods of intensive tuition, your child will receive specialist coaching in their chosen sport, and an introduction to traditional British sports and other recreational activities.

This course teaches children what to expect when they start at their new boarding school.

When your child receives an offer of a place at school in the UK, they will probably feel excited and nervous at the same time. This course takes place during the week prior to term commencing, and will prepare your child for the transition to their new school.

The week consists of a mix of academic tutoring specific to their school syllabus, and immersion into British culture. A personal mentor will explain the daily routine at their school, and talk about the different roles of the houseparent, matron and guardian, and how to cope with initial feelings of homesickness. Your child will learn about school rules, extra-curricular opportunities, school uniform, British manners and behavioral expectations, food and mealtimes. They will hear success stories about other foreign students at their school, and learn ways to make friends with British children.

During the transition phase, we can arrange for an independent child psychologist to regularly meet with your child to address any concerns and provide extra support.

Revision weeks are held during school holidays for students who are at boarding school and preparing for exams.

In the lead-up to important exams, it is essential that revision time is used effectively. Students follow a timetabled revision plan with private tutors, and enjoy daily recreational activities to rest and recharge.

Students will end the week better prepared and less stressed, resulting in improved exam grades.

This course helps students to define their strengths and identify possible career paths.

Psychometric testing gives insight into individual personality traits and serves as positive affirmation of a student’s strengths. It helps to affirm the right choice of direction by matching aptitudes, abilities and interests.

Students spend a full day with a UK-based career consultant who performs a variety of psychometric tests and gives one-to-one feedback and guidance on possible career paths. Subsequent follow-up sessions can be held via Skype to help with goal planning, career research, work experience, c.v writing and interview techniques.

This course is appropriate for students aged 15+ and can be combined with one of our UK residential courses.

This course is held in the UK during school holidays and places an emphasis on having fun while learning English.

Our host families and tutors speak exclusively in English, so your child will be fully immersed in English for the duration of their stay. Your child will study a personalised programme of subjects with private tutors and participate in a variety of sports and day trips.

After-school activities include:

Football/Cycling/Rugby/Cricket/Rock climbing/Swimming/Sailing/Horse riding/Ice skating/Horse riding/Cooking/Art/Table Tennis/Trampoline/Cinema/High-ropes course

We arrange day excursions to:

Harry Potter Film Studio -London Eye – Houses of Parliament – Buckingham Palace – Tower of London – Kensington Palace – Hampton Court Palace – Science Museum – Natural History Museum – V&A Museum – Madame Tussauds Waxworks – Harrods – Portsmouth Historic Dockyard – Marwell Zoo – Thorpe Park

This course helps students to choose the right degree programme at the right university.

With over 37,000 degree programmes to choose from, deciding what to study at university can be daunting.

This week-long programme, designed and delivered by our higher-education specialists, helps students to make an informed decision.

The course includes psychometric testing to help define each student’s preferences and aptitudes, followed by sessions on university selection. Students receive help with writing personal statements and submitting UCAS applications at the appropriate time.

We can organise accompanied university visits, including making travel arrangements, by request.

At the end of the course, the student will leave with a personal development programme and a written report with recommendations.