“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success”
Alexander Graham Bell

Our highly qualified and experienced tutors are high academic achievers, and work hard to prepare Newton Bright students to achieve their full potential at GCSE, A-Level and when applying to their chosen schools and universities.

Our Director of Studies will assess your child’s ability, and will create and monitor a bespoke study programme for your child to follow with their tutors.

Each of our students is personally matched to their tutors, and their progress regularly reported to your educational consultant, who will keep you up to date.

Depending on your preference, we can arrange in-person, online tutoring, or a live-in tutor for intensive preparation.

An accelerated language course for younger children to bridge the gap between curricula, ensuring that children are at the expected level for their age in accordance with UK standards. The course teaches quantitative thinking and broadens the knowledge of natural sciences. Studies show that the brain is particularly receptive to development in a wide range of academic areas in the early years so this course will give your child a head start.

Intensive English tutoring and interview practice to prepare students for entrance to elite International and UK schools.

British curriculum subjects are taught exclusively in English to develop the necessary language and study skills required for entrance interviews and exams with post-entrance support available as needed.

This course is specifically tailored for entrance into leading British schools at the age of 11, 13 or 16. As well as subject-specific tutoring, students are taught interview skills, exam techniques, and verbal and non-verbal reasoning. If your chosen school permits, our Director of Studies can invigilate the examination online.

Students follow a personalised revision plan with their tutors during school holidays, using British textbooks and past exam papers, with the goal of improving by at least one grade and often by two. The result is an efficient learning schedule where the student makes measurable progress, feels supported, and gains confidence in their ability to succeed.