University Placements

The UK is home to many leading historic universities that are bustling with international students for whom English is not their first language.

Newton Bright students work with private tutors to prepare for entrance exams (GMAT, GRE etc), and improve interview technique and English proficiency for the IELTS test.

Our higher-education specialist consultants offer guidance on how to choose the right course at the right university, and assist with personal statements and applications to maximise the chance of being awarded a place.

Students who are undecided about a particular career or course of study may benefit from psychometric testing, which gives an insight into character and aptitude, and indicates possible career paths that are suited to their natural talents.

Our ‘Choosing A University’ course is a week-long residential course in the UK that covers everything a potential applicant needs to know.

If you would like to know more about studying at a British university, please contact Olesya T: +7 495 504 3491 or E: [email protected]

This course helps students to choose the right degree programme at the right university.

With over 50,000 degree programmes to choose from, deciding what to study at university can be daunting.

This week-long programme, designed and delivered by our higher-education specialists, help students to make an informed decision.

The course includes psychometric testing to help define each student’s preferences and aptitudes, followed by sessions on university selection. Students receive help with writing personal statements and submitting UCAS applications at the appropriate time. We can organise accompanied university visits, including making travel arrangements, by request.

At the end of the course, the student will leave with a personal development programme and a written report with recommendations.

Studying at Oxford and Cambridge Universities

Undergraduate applicants are not permitted to apply to both Oxford and Cambridge in the same year, so it is important to consider this decision carefully. The Oxbridge application deadline falls in mid-October, which is earlier than for other universities. As all university applications must be submitted simultaneously, applications to alternative universities must be submitted early.

In addition to the standard UCAS form and personal statement, Oxbridge applicants may be required to attend an interview. For some courses, applicants are also required to submit written work and/or sit an extra entrance examination.

To ensure that your Oxbridge application is as strong as possible at every stage, our specialist consultants will offer advice and coaching for the following:-

  • course choice
  • college choice
  • writing a personal statement
  • submission of written work
  • preparation for entrance examinations
  • preparation for the rigorous Oxbridge interview

If you are considering making an Oxbridge application, please contact Olesya T: +7 495 504 3491 or E: [email protected]