Educational Consultancy

“Selecting a school is about creating a match. It is crucial that the school’s way of life as a whole is suitable for the child. Many of the children with whom we work have potential. However, their chances of getting into a good school decrease with every year of deferred entry.” Robin Badham-Thornhill – UK Tatler‘s Headmaster of the Year 2006

Our team of educational consultants provide impartial advice and support to parents who would like their child to attend a top British private school or university.

At the initial consultation we will discuss your goals, give you an overview of the British system, and talk about the practicalities of sending your child to study in the UK.

We conduct a preliminary assessment of your child’s current level of English, their personality and academic ability. Based on the results, we will recommend a shortlist of suitable schools and devise a bespoke study programme with our native-English-speaking tutors to prepare your child for their entrance exams.

Schools have confidence in our placement recommendations. They know that we prioritise the happiness and well-being of our students, and take the time to prepare them for their transition into the British system.

From the initial assessment to submitting applications, arranging school visits and choosing a UK guardian, your personal educational consultant will guide you and your child every step of the way.