We build lasting relationships with the families with whom we work, and we are very proud of our students’ achievements. This is what they have to say about us.

Newton Bright Educational Consultants gave us a competent and comprehensive explanation of the British education system. They started by analysing our goals and helping us to define not only our long-term objectives but also our short-term tasks. They assessed our child’s competencies and then set out how we would attain the required level to get a place at the school of our choice. They were always there to respond to any of our questions.”

We were lucky enough to meet Inessa Khvostova as she helped us to achieve everything we had planned. Our two sons are now studying at the best schools in Britain and they are both happy. I would sincerely recommend Inessa to my friends and relatives.”

For our family, Newton Bright Educational Consultants became more than consultants, they were also teachers and family coaches. It is hard to overemphasise their help and support. Thank you!”

The consultants at Newton Bright Educational Consultants possess that rare quality of being highly competent. They have the ability to listen and as a result are able to comprehensively analyse the situation and find suitable solutions. They are wholeheartedly open during conversations and create a warm, sincere friendly atmosphere.”

British independent schools are renowned for their well-defined structure and organisation, for mutual respect regardless of age, and for the development of children who take pride in their school. They provide an amazing array of extra-curricular activities which form the basis of a child’s character. I cannot say that British schools solve all problems, but I am convinced that they offer a healthier atmosphere that will allow a child to fulfil their potential, nurture self-confidence, encourage respect for their work and for the people around them. Life in a British school teaches students to be independent, set goals and achieve them.”

Egor is fine, thanks to you. He is happy with everything and has made many British friends. He is on holiday in Moscow at the moment and he speaks with an English accent. He even speaks English in his dreams. Your ability to bridge two different cultures was invaluable. It would have been impossible to organise everything without your help and support. Thank you very much again for our school! It is just superb!”

We worked with Newton Bright Educational Consultants for over a year and they made us feel confident as they always had the process under control. They helped us choose which schools to apply for and took care of all the necessary steps, which included contacting the schools, arranging tests, interviews, visas, visits, payment, etc. Our aim was to get an offer from one of the most highly ranked schools and we were all thrilled when we did. To be honest, we would never have succeeded without them.”

Olesya I would like to express my personal gratitude to you for organising and constantly being a part of the educational process of my eldest son. I knew who to contact during all stages, with any question, at virtually any time of the day, for help and help always came. Thank you for all your help”

Thank you for your help, patience, empathy, support and inspiration. You helped our daughter with her future career path, helped her to conquer her fears and empowered her to make the leap. She is very happy now and is studying at Edinburgh University.”

Newton Bright Educational Consultants are a team of highly competent people, which is often hard to find. They listen carefully to a complex set of questions and define solutions in a clear, concise manner. They are refreshingly open and establish a friendly, yet sincere dialogue of communication.”

I would like to express me sincere thanks to Newton Bright Educational Consultants for all their work in preparing our son for entrance to a private school in the UK. During this process it was invaluable for us to have a consultant who was able to provide clear information and guidance. Throughout the entrance process many questions, doubts and difficulties arose, but thanks to the professionalism and attention of the team at Newton Bright Educational consultants, our son become a student of one of the most prestigious schools, and during his time at the school achieved great results.”