Anna, 13 – Choosing the right school for the right reasons

Anna’s family had already decided that Bromsgrove School was the right school for their daughter, as many of her friends were happily settled there. Our normal policy is to propose and review a selection of suitable schools but the family were adamant that Bromsgove was the right choice as it has a strong academic reputation and their daughter would settle quickly.

After submitting the application, Anna sat the entrance tests and we arranged a school visit. A week before the visit, Anna’s mother called to say that they were doubting their decision so we identified two alternative schools and made the necessary arrangements.

The family were surprised by their reaction when they visited Bromsgrove as they didn’t feel that Anna would be comfortable there. After visiting all three options, they chose Clifton College which proved to be such a success that Anna’s brother and sister later joined her there.

When choosing a school, there are many factors to consider. No two children are alike and what might be right for one may not suit another. In this case, it was fortunate that Clifton College was the right fit for all three siblings.