Georgy, 15 – Hard work paid off

Georgy and his family were referred to us at a late stage in his education when he was 15 and studying for his 9th Form exams at a Moscow school. His family were hopeful that attending a top British boarding school at 6th Form would improve his chances of earning a place at Oxford or Cambridge university.

Harrow School was their first choice but the registration period had already ended and competition was high with 10 students competing for each of the 3-4 places. We applied for an extension and arranged for Newton Bright tutors to work solidly with Georgy for 2 months to prepare him for the challenge. They focused on exam preparation, interview skills and essay writing as this was all vitally important. Georgy felt nervous about the Harrow entrance exams as it was potentially life changing but he felt well prepared.

As well as sitting the entrance exams, Georgy had to deliver a presentation to the Registrar and be interviewed by the Headmaster, Director of Studies and Senior Master. His test results, Moscow school reports, references, written essay and CV were also part of the evaluation.

Georgy’s hard work paid dividends and he was offered a place at the famous Harrow School where he has become a part of the school’s history. It was a tough journey and we are all very proud of Georgy’s achievement but as they say, per aspera ad astra.