Lara, Mark and Filip 3, 5, 7 – Selecting a governor and preparing for entrance into a day school in London

A family with three children Lara, Mark and Filip aged 3, 5 and 7 decided to move to the UK for their children’s education. In the UK, many children begin studying at private school from three years old. Even at this age schools invite children to a so called ‘trial day’ as a means of testing for entrance. The child spends the whole day at school and the school observes how the student copes, how they interact with teachers and students and how capable they are of following the instructions of the teachers. Such ‘trial days’ are very common at schools in London in particular.

The situation with this specific family was difficult since they lived between three different countries. This made it impossible to organise the children’s school education. We felt that the best option for the family would be a governor who would teach literacy and numeracy, as well as other subjects in the Early Years Foundation stage curriculum.

We selected a governor for the family who had previously worked in a day school in London and knew the requirements of students at each stage of the application process and the problems that students may be faced with during the initial stages of education at private school in the UK. The governor had a wealth of experience working with other families in a similar position.

The governor created an academic plan for the children that would keep them interested, help them develop and grow at an accelerated rate, and prepare them for their entrance into private schools in the UK. As a result, all three children were accepted into highly prestigious schools in London.