Nikita, 13 – Better late than never

Nikita and his parents are Russian but lived in Chicago where Nikita attended a very good high school and both of his parents earned an MBA. They moved back to Moscow when Nikita was 13 but he was unhappy as school lessons were boring and the level of education was low. Nikita found his classmates to be more preoccupied with their parents’ wealth than anything else.

The family came to us in March to ask us to find a place at an British school, ranked in the top 100, for their son to start in September. The majority of British schools do not admit new children in Year 10 as it is the start of the GCSE syllabus. After much persistence, Nikita received an offer from two schools: Brighton College (ranked 20th in the country at the time) and Berkhamstead College where he accepted a place and earned excellent GCSE grades. Nikita went on to study at Westminster School in the 6th Form.