Mikhail, 23 – Support at the right time makes all the difference

Mikhail’s father wanted his son to become more independent and make his own decisions but realized that he needed help choosing a course at a British university. It came as a surprise when his father decided that Mikhail should study Finance at the London School of Economics. Mikhail was not interested in the subject and eventually left the course. His ‘failed attempt’ affected his confidence and impacted the results of his next degree in International Relations.

Mikhail had become disillusioned and didn’t know what to do next. A well-mannered and charming young man who spoke with interest and insight, it was apparent that his academic results did not reflect his true potential. We explored Mikhail’s strengths through psychometric testing and arranged for lessons to develop his interview and presentation skills. Mikhail was suddenly focused and knew which career path to choose. He worked hard to earn his diploma at Moscow University while preparing for his IELTS exam to go back to university in the UK to study for a Master’s programme.

Working alongside Mikhail, we identified three potential universities. Mikhail was happy to receive an offer from his third choice (back-up option) and delighted when he got an offer from his second choice (realistic option) which his father told him to accept. However, Mikhail’s English teacher felt he could do better and encouraged him to re-take his IELTS exam, which resulted in a score of 7.5.  To everybody’s delight, Mikhail was subsequently offered a place at his first choice university: Royal Holloway University where he earned his Master’s degree.

“British university life has a different atmosphere to that in Moscow. I have made new friends and have new interests. I have a desire to gain deep knowledge of the topics related to politics and the internet as well as the role of mass media in our society which gives access to additional literature and enables us to follow world events.”