What makes our service unique?

At Newton Bright there are several factors that make us unique and different from our competitors. We care for each individual student. We do our utmost to provide the best service to parents and students. This involves going beyond simply providing tuition. We offer care for the psychological well-being of students as well as assistance with school applications and career coaching. We also help to identify strengths so that students can channel these and focus on making the most of their unique skills. Here are three things that make us stand out.

Ongoing care

We offer unique ongoing care for our students even after they have successfully entered school or university. Just because a student has passed their entrance exams does not mean they will not be in need of our help in the future. We are always there to give advice and assistance when needed. This includes individual student meetings with our Managing Director and Academic Director. (Click here to find out more about our staff and how their expertise can hep you). Students have unique access to our staff and resources should they need it.

Individual Assessment

We conduct an individual assessment with each student to establish what they need to work on as well as what they are already confident with. This assessment is hugely important for tailoring our service to the needs of each student. Each tutor is supplied with a unique student report before they start work with the student. This allows them to create academic plans to enable each student to reach their goals. Our bespoke individual assessment also provides a basis for searching for a school or university that corresponds to the student’s ability and personality. We realise that the top independent schools may not be the best match for every student; however, our professionals know how to create the perfect match between school and student.

Representing our students and parents

Finally, we work for our parents and students not for UK schools and universities. We do not advertise schools or help them with recruiting international students. It is important for us that we place the interests of students and parents at the centre of what we do. We place all our emphasis on offering a bespoke service to students and parents. A happy student means they are more likely to excel at school or university and get the best results.

If you are interested in studying at school or university in the UK, please contact [email protected]