What makes a good governor?

A governor is much more than just a tutor or teacher. They act as a role model for the child. They have the power to shape a child’s upbringing and much of their future life. This is why at Newton Bright we take recruiting our governors very seriously. Our governors are all highly qualified having studied at prestigious UK universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. All of them are native English speakers. They have experience teaching English as a second language and have fantastic references from previous families. Here are 5 key traits that make a great governor.

An excellent relationship with the child

It is important that the governor has a good relationship with the child. This is vital not only to motivate and encourage the child but also to make them more likely to learn and improve their knowledge. This is why we arrange trial lessons to establish whether or not the governor will be a good fit. Once the governor has been placed, we obtain regular feedback from parents and the governor alike. We constantly monitor the progress of the child to remain sure that the child is en route to reaching their goals.

Good organisation skills

Governors are not simply tutors. They arrange activities for the children in their free time. This involves a lot of preparation and organisation in order to plan the child’s day effectively. In this way, experience of independent-school education in the UK is desirable. It imparts knowledge from experience of how a day at school is organised in mixing activities with study. The role of a governor is distinctly valuable. It will provide the child with a good basis to cope with the demands of the UK independent school system.

It is also important to know the family’s goals for their child and construct a plan on how we can help the child reach these goals. Working with a governor is a great way for a child to acquire great language skills from an early age. Studies show that younger children pick up languages far quicker. In this way your child can get a head start.

A wide skill set and good flexibility

Governors have to be able to teach children new things and be flexible. Previous experience playing a range of sports is desirable in order to keep the child interested and active. Governor are well-rounded individuals devoted whole-heartedly to a child’s upbringing. Governors are flexible and respond to the needs of the family, for example, accompanying the family on trips.

A good role model

Governors play a key role in shaping a child’s future. It is always important to remember that young children are very impressionable. Governors help to reinforce good behaviour in children. This makes the job of governor very demanding but rewarding as they can share life experiences with the children and pass on knowledge. It is therefore important that they have a knowledge of all their responsibilities. Governors are passionate about education and helping to raise children

Ability to balance work and play

A governor must be able to achieve the right balance between work and play. They are not the child’s friend but a role model and figure of authority. It can be a challenge to achieve this balance, but our governors have the necessary experience to do this.

A governor can bring huge benefits to a child’s upbringing. It gives them the opportunity to acquire language skills from an early age which they can use in the future. (Click here to read more about our first steps programme for younger children). Children will also learn lessons in how to be responsible, caring and dutiful individuals who will set examples for others in the future.

If you think a governor would be beneficial for your child, please contact [email protected]