Independent school recommendations

At Newton Bright, we take school recommendations very seriously. The best Independent school in the UK may not be the best fit for your child. Having placed over 600 students in schools and universities in the UK, our staff have the expertise and experience of working at a wide range of Independent schools to make an appropriate recommendation for your child. No schools in the UK are the same and each one is unique in its own way. Here are 3 things we consider when we make recommendations on potential Independent schools that are best suited for your child.

Parents view

It’s important that we take into account the parent’s aspirations and goals for their child. Would you like your child to join a co-educational school or an all-boys school? Where do you want your child to study? Many Independent schools are situated in cities and many are located in the countryside so its important to know what surroundings you want your child to grow up amongst. At Newton Bright we want to tailor our service to your needs. To do this we need to know as much as possible about your goals for your child so we can make appropriate recommendations. We realise that you know your child best including their strengths and weaknesses and we greatly value the opinion of parents. For this reason we endeavour to meet all of the parents needs for their children.

Childs opinion

It is also important however, that the child’s voice is heard. This is why we strongly recommend that children and parents visit the schools they are hoping to attend.  This is important to get an idea of the facilities and experience first-hand what it is like to study there. Going by word of mouth or simply looking at the school rankings is not the best way of going about things when choosing an Independent school. Every child is different and what works for one child may not work for another. It is therefore vital to see the school for yourself. Our assessment programme deals with children on a case by case basis so we can make an appropriate recommendation.

We establish what makes the child unique so that we can best place them in an Independent school where they will be happy. A happy student is more likely to perform well academically and put their best foot forward. We take this seriously as if a child is put into a school where they are not comfortable in there will be long term ramifications for both the parents and child. These long-term effects can be costly to address.

Personality of the child

Your child’s personality is something we take extremely seriously when making a recommendation for your child. We designed out assessment week in the UK to assess a child’s suitability for studying in the UK as well as personality. Independent schools int the UK place great emphasis on not only academic ability but extra-curricular interests. This is something that makes the British education system stand out. It forges not only students who achieve high academic grades but also students who excel in a variety of disciplines whether that be in the classroom or on the sports field.

At Newton Bright we do our best to bring out these unique traits. We also teach students how to express them so they can best sell themselves in interviews and school applications. Not only do we support students during applications. Our mentors and guardians help them to develop the strong sides of their personality when they are at school. Click here to find out more about our mentor and guardianship service. Many children still have questions even after entering school. Its important that we are ready for this so that we can support them.

If you have any questions about school placements or our assessment procedure please contact [email protected]