Essential skills for independent school in the UK

As well as being strong academically in the subjects you study at school, there are certain skills and techniques nurtured at independent schools that will serve students well not only during their school career but for life. They mean that independent school is not simply a means for students to get the top grades but also a place of self-discovery. This is a place where students can exercise their personalities and build their characters.

Debating skills

It is an art to be able to put forward an argument confidently and defend it. There is opportunity to engage in debating through societies such as Model United Nations. This skill will help students beyond school in any profession that involves negotiation. Practising debating is a great way of developing your confidence and helping reserved people come out of their shell. It also helps to highlight what subjects they are passionate about. This gives them an opportunity to channel these passions into a future career. This skill also facilitates productive discussion between students.

Presentation skills 

UK independent schools and universities also emphasise presentation skills. Presentations are used as a form of assessment. Many students find it very nerve racking to present in front of a crowd. The more practice students get, the better. Presentations are important as it is not just what the student says that matters but how they say it. A confident presenter better conveys a message than a shy person.

Eliminating those bad habits

Maintaining eye contact with your audience is important in establishing a connection. Using hand gestures energises your presentation and your audience. Each student has bad habits. This maybe bad posture, nervous gestures or constantly looking at the screen. These habits need to be ironed out. Practising presentation techniques will also help with school and university interviews. (To find out more about how we can help with interview practice click here).

Academic Writing 

The final skill important for success at schools and universities in the UK is academic writing. It is one thing to be able to write understandably and with correct grammar but another to have the right level of language and style to get the top marks in your essays. Good academic writing includes many aspects – the ability to know how to write an effective introduction and conclusion is crucial. These two components outline your argument and give it structure. The reader should be able to trace an argument throughout your essay. Under timed conditions it’s important that students devote enough time to these two aspects.

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