Education at Home whilst in Isolation

This is a challenging period for both parents and students alike. With schools shut and exams cancelled, it can be difficult to stay motivated. It is crucial that students maintain focus on their education during this period as they will still be assessed. GCSEs and A levels will now be graded based on in-class performance as well as predicted grades and coursework. It is therefore important that students try their best. Staying focused will give them the best chance at achieving the top grades. Here are some of our top tips for staying motivated during this period.

Get your work space in order

Ensure that your workspace is neatly organised to get you in the mood for studying. Remember that a clean and tidy room means a focused mind. Set aside some time in the morning to prepare yourself for online classes. Make sure you have everything set up on your desk. Try to set boundaries between where you are studying and where you are working. Set a timetable for work and rest. This will help to create focus and discipline. If you are experiencing problems adapting to studying in a home environment, our mentors can always help with structure and organisation. (Click here to find out more about our mentoring service).

Keep up communication

Ensure that you maintain communication with your friends and family. Use the opportunity to help each other with subjects at school and to discuss your difficulties. It is likely that one of your classmates is experiencing similar difficulties to you. Remember that peer correction is an extremely effective way of learning. Maintain contact with your teachers. Ask questions if you are unsure as to the format of classes or assignments. Communication is not only important for education but also for your mental health. It is important to know that people around you are also going through a similar situation. You are not alone!

Stay organised

Self-organisation is going to be incredibly important during this period. Remember that your results will not only depend on what you are currently learning but everything you have covered throughout the year. It is important to set up a good filing system to record what you have studied. Have notes easily accessible for when it comes to revising topics.

Reflect on what you have learnt

It is important to think of the long term and to consolidate the work you have done so far. Remember that the school curriculum is not only designed for students to pass exams but also to develop curious learners. Take this opportunity to explore the subjects you are interested in. For students who are preparing to go to university, now is a great opportunity to do that extra research that will give you a head start. At this time it is important to think of the bigger picture.

Take up a hobby and stay healthy.

Remember that what you do outside of classes can hugely increase your concentration levels. Eat healthy, stay hydrated and exercise regularly. Now is a good time to pick up a new hobby, or maybe revisit one you have neglected. Explore alternate resources outside of schools. This will help develop yourself as an independent learner. This skill is extremely important especially in Higher Education in the UK. If you are preparing for university in the UK, help out your parents more around the house. Help out with tasks like washing the dishes or cleaning. This will aid in developing skills essential for living independently.