Covid-19 is no longer unprecedented

The recent decision to delay GCSE and A-Level exams has been met with a mixture of responses. I think we are missing the point.

Uncertainty starts as a small snowball on the top of the mountain – some people believe that it won’t cause a problem for everyone below as it is too small and too far away. When the avalanche descends moments later it is called unprecedented.

Looking forwards to next June and predicting what will happen with Covid-19 is not an easy task. I have sympathy for anyone who is trying to make plans with so many unknowns. It is not therefore the plan, which is the main problem, rather the process.

An education analogy would be leaving your homework to the last minute, not expanding on your answers, handing in a rushed piece of work that is disappointing to all concerned and then blaming the dog.

There is time ahead, but we need to act now. We shouldn’t expect the plan to be perfect first time around, but we should expect a high-level of competence, planning and expertise over the next 6 months.

Covid-19 is no longer unprecedented let’s get organised!

Newton Bright Educational Consultants

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