Benefits of our online summer courses

Our online summer courses are designed for those who want to experience the same benefits of our courses in the UK but are currently unable to travel. Here is an outline of what we offer as part of our online summer programmes.

Online summer courses over one, two or three weeks

We offer structured and tailored courses that take place over the course of one, two or three weeks. Each course offers the same amount of hours teaching but over different time scales. The different course lengths offer great flexibility to our families.

Looking to the future

These online summer courses are tailored specifically to each student’s interests. We can address subjects they are having difficulties with at school. Our highly experienced tutors can fill the gaps in your child’s knowledge. They can also offer insight into subjects they want to study at a higher level. We can offer an introduction to certain subjects that they will study in the future. This offers students the unique chance to get a taster of what awaits them.

Developing skills essential for UK education

Our online summer courses are different from regular tutoring. (Click here to read more information on skills needed for independent school in the UK). For example, we incorporate elements of academic writing into our online summer course framework. This is a hugely important skill that is difficult to master for international students.

Developing life skills

Skills we teach as part of the online summer courses are not just beneficial during a student’s time at school but also for life. We offer help with presentation and communication skills. Presentations form an important part of assessment in the UK school and university system. Focus on these elements is designed to improve the confidence of students. We also look to improve our students’ ability to act decisively and confidently under pressure. This skill can be transferred to exams and also after higher education. The ability to speak with assurance and present yourself confidently is a valuable life skill.

A bespoke service

We offer an introduction to their future school or university as part of their online summer course. This allows students to look ahead and encourages them to think about how they can get the most out of their experience. This element is not a general introduction to UK schools and universities. It instead targets the specific school or university the student will be attending.

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