2022: Reflections

As Christmas and New Year fast approach, we are looking back at 2022 and all that has been achieved. All too often our students are told only to look forward, jump the next hurdle, climb the next academic mountain, without being advised to look back, draw breath and reflect on their accomplishments.

This has been another difficult year, but we are proud of the resolve and focus that our students have shown. For many, this year brought a new place to live and a new school to attend, but the constancy of support, whether that be from family, friends, our mentors or tuition, made it a much easier transition. 

We thank our students and tutors for their hard work this year. In September, our students entered some of the UK’s leading universities in their respective fields, including: Oxford, Durham, Bristol and John Hopkins and a number of very prestigious schools. We continue to check in and stay updated on their progress, providing any support necessary to guarantee they make the most of their time at these institutions. 

Many sat entrance examinations in the Autumn term and have been offered places at some exceptional schools, including: Harrow, Radley, Winchester, Oakham and Shrewsbury. We will continue to work with our students to ensure they are as prepared as possible to enter their respective schools in September 2023, providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel!